Fuchs Lubricants

There is a FUCHS product for every lubricant application. Below is a list of all the types of products that we supply and a brief description of their application:

Brand Name Product Type Description
AGRIFARM Agricultural Machinery Lubricants For lubrication of agricultural machinery
ANTICORIT Corrosion Preventives For the temporary corrosion protection of metals
BEL-RAY NO TOX Foodgrade Lubricants For the foodstuff, beverage, confectionary and pharmaceutical industries
CENT Condition Monitoring Preventive maintenance service
CENTREX Skin Care Products Protective skin creams and cleaners
CENTURY Mining Products Specialist products designed for the mining industry
CPM Chemical Process Management A complete lubrication supply programme
ECOCOOL Metalworking Fluids Water miscible for all rough and precision machining operations
ECOCUT Metalworking Fluids Neat fluids for all rough and precision machining operations
FRICOFIN Radiator Antifreeze Specialist antifreeze products
PLANTO Biodegradable Lubricants Environmentally friendly, rapidly biodegradable lubricants for all applications
RENEP Slideway Oils For slideway lubrication and general lubrication systems  
RENISO Refrigeration Oils Refrigerator oils for all different refrigerants and compressor types   
RENOCAST Mould Release Agents For all types of on-site and pre-cast concrete structures, bricks, tiles and decorative work
RENOCLEAN Industrial Detergents and Degreasers Industrial detergents for use in dip or spray equipment
RENOFORM Metalforming Lubricants For pressing, extrusion, forging and drawing
RENOLIN Industrial Lubricants For diverse applications including hydraulic systems, compressors and gearboxes
RENOLIT Grease For various applications in all industries
SILKOLENE Motorcycle Lubricants Advanced range of oils for motorcycles
THERMISOL Quenching Oils For the heat treatment of steel, cast iron and non-ferrous metals
TITAN Automotive Lubricants High performance engine and gear oils for all cars, trucks, buses, construction and agricultural machinery
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